Thursday, November 29, 2012


Preface: You need to be listening to this song to truly get the vibe that is going on in our parts these days:

Hit play. That's it, that cool, slightly eerie, muted, slow, beautiful song is what today sounds like.
We are hibernating. House-bound and hushed.
I feel solemn. Like now is really not the time for resolutions, or ideas or starting something new. I need to sit and think and talk back to those thoughts and muse awhile. Sipping on hot tea, wrapped up in a quilt, of course.
It's kind of lonely and quiet and beautiful. I like it.
Hugs are warmer when shared between two bodies who used to be physically connected. I feel my little girls' hearts beat and remember the days when that's the only sound I heard from them as they grew. I press my ear against their chests and once again, just for a moment, it is the only thing I hear.
I feel melancholy, but in a rich, Mona Lisa smile kind of way. It is a secret kind of joy, to let the slow gloom of winter enrapture me. It doesn't consume me, but I let it be a prevailing theme. It's forbiddingly cold outside, the skies barely ignite with sun, the din of the furnace can always be heard.
I find a new grace in darkness, in winter's heavy hold. It too has a place. I'm not thinking of summer, or what could be, and definitely not what should be. We're all here: my girls, my husband, the dog, the cat and I. Holed up in our warm house, hiding from the cold.
Sometimes I think the colder it is, the more magnificent our landscape looks.

I might have to look in different places, but when a golden sunrise hits those hills, I see God.

Please mind the snowdrifts if you ever brave the cold and visit my house.

It is -38 with the windchill. That is a wonderful excuse to bake and watch Elf.


  1. Awesome! I used to live in Alaska.. This is so familiar. I miss that...

  2. Just discovered your beautiful site after reading your comments on an Emily Freeman post. I live in Alaska, but my family is in Whitehorse and I'm actually headed there in a few weeks for the Holidays! I love to connect with other Northern bloggers (there are few of us!), so I'm definitely going to keep reading. Maybe we'll run into each other at Tim Hortons in a few weeks. :)

    1. What a cool connection! Well have a wonderful Christmas in town, we're headed down to Ontario actually, but in the meantime I'll go check your blog out!

  3. Wow, this song perfectly helped transport me to the dark cold North! It is so interesting to hear about how your family embraces this season, very glad to find and follow your blog!



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