Monday, October 29, 2012

Things that make me go hmmm

I have cut back on my magazine purchases in the last year or so, opting instead to spend my time reading non-fiction books, or limiting my short article reads to things I come across online. Magazines can be beautiful, they are perfect in the bath tub, they appeal to my short attention span when I'm frazzled and offer concise, timbit-sized pieces of information. But I read them once and toss them-- at $5 or more a pop, it's something I can rarely justify.
Once a month or so I drop into the library to read my favourites for free, but it's not quite the same, is it?
I miss the updates on new ideas, recipes and activities that stand to improve my life.
Enter Pinterest.
It can be a powerful time-suck that has seen me fall victim before. I would look up, look around me, and realize an hour of my time had just been vacuumed away somewhere mysterious. For the most part, though, the organization queen inside me appreciates the one simple layout for organizing my bookmarks.

I have also come across some great ideas on Pinterest. Here are some of my favourites:

1- The IKEA-hacked kids table.
I bought a $25 table from IKEA this summer with this project in mind. I also bought some scrapbook paper and clear sticky paper from Michael's, packed it all home in my suitcase and one day got crafty. (With a little help from Rich assembling the IKEA table, as Swedish-made furniture and I don't get along).

2- Muffin-size baked oatmeal
These were such a godsend in the months after the twins were born. I would often have to eat through the night as I nursed every 2-3 hours. My supply had to feed the babies' demand, and the demand needed to be fueled by a well-fed mama. I made a batch of 24, put them in the freezer, and took them out to microwave (briefly) and eat as needed. They're nutritious, fast and delicious.

3- Some cheapy home art
The original pin is to an Etsy link, to buy the art. But you know me, I'm el-cheapo. I own a printer and had brought back a $4 frame from a Michael's bargain row in the summer. So I used what I had, put something together and came up with a final product I am happy with, and that has garnered kind words from our visitors.

4- A Family Philosophy
I wouldn't say I am an especially religious person in the doctrinal sense, but I am spiritually connected to my world and hope to foster a grounded, honest approach to spirituality with my kids. This article is a clear and easy-to-apply philosophy of just the behaviours and attitudes I want to be fostered in our household. I revisit it often and would like to come up with a way to display it or make it easily-accessible in our home for reference.

5- E-cards. Almost all of them make me giggle, but this is one of my faves:


  1. love those Sarah! I haven't seen your what a difference a day makes.... hint hint... that would make an awesome xmas gift for a certain me???


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