Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanksgiving this year

Always am I thankful, but this weekend we get to stuff ourselves silly with food, fill our cups till they runneth over and over-indulge in all the things that make us thankful: friends, laughter, baby cuddles, pumpkin pie, beautiful landscapes, apple cider, warm homes and hugs that last a long time. I love Thanksgiving, and run full-throttle into this holiday's arms, like a make-believe game of Red Rover. I am thankful every day and I find myself saying that I am thankful for Thanksgiving. How brown-nose does that sound? But if sucking up to gratitude and the universe gets me wet-willied after school, I'm down with that. Because baby, I am hella thankful these days.
I am thankful for the big things: My oldest wild child, and my two miracle babies. My husband, whom I was lucky enough to find so young in life, and the time I get to keep living with him. My family back home, who makes me who I am, and my northern family here that insulates me with love. My friends who colour my world. My health, and the ability to nurture my family and feed my babies.
I am thankful for little things: A warm, safe house. A fridge and pantry full of delicious food, and the knowledge of how to prepare yummy, nutritious meals. Movie nights, northern lights, "our" trail in the woods.  Candles that smell like baking, paintings from my Nanny, my wedding album.
The list could go on, and boy does it.
I love that as my girls get older, I get to include them in holidays, but especially in Thanksgiving. Abby especially is always learning gratitude in our days with constant reminders to say "thank you," and bedtime chats about the things for which we are grateful. But how, I wonder, do I teach these girls to feel gratitude, the way I do deep down in my bones? How do I show them the warm feeling, the goodness that comes with being continually thankful, taking stock of all we have, and being grateful for it?  I am seeing them find it on their own, slowly but surely.
It comes after lunch when Abby looks at me with her big, blue eyes and says in her sweet little three-year-old voice, "thank you for grilled cheese mama."
Gratitude storms in when she is experiencing something so amazing to her, so fun, that she can hardly contain her happiness. "Thank you for taking me to see the horses, mama."
It comes when Hailey lays her head softly against my chest after a good meal, and rests her little hand on my collarbone in thanks.
These are the moments when I know it's working, when I see these little souls find they are rich indeed.
This weekend, we will all pile into our minivan and drive up the highway to spend Sunday with good friends of ours and their little guys. I'm bringing homemade dinner rolls, pie, green bean casserole and roasted squash. I can't wait to dig into the turkey, stuffing and potatoes. You know I'm going to be wearing my eatin' pants.
Monday we will stay in town and go to our good friends house for what promises to be a lively dinner full of kid energy, adults sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, raucous laughter and wine glass toasts. The good stuff.

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  1. one of my most favourite posts to date. Lovely words Sarah. xox Happy Thanksgiving my friend.


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