Monday, October 15, 2012

Role Model

I have been re-configuring how I approach and include social media in my days, fine-tuning what I like and evaluating where my major time-sucks are. Writing, as always, is in-- but during nap or after the girls' bedtime. Sharing everysinglething is out. I’m not geared towards absolutes, so there will be no month without Facebook, or an embargo on fluffy blog reading. I like those things, and there is a time and a place for them in my days. I am ever conscious, however, that there are three little faces staring up at me, watching and learning. Imitating. What is there for them to imitate, to aspire to, when the tableaux they see most often is their mum at her desk, typety-typing away, or scrolling through Pinterest for ‘inspiration’? I’ve got inspiration all around me, babies.
Abby is in the prime of her "playing pretend" years, and I love catching her in her wooden kitchen "makin' biscuits" for her doll family waiting at her little wood table. I know she got the idea from Thanksgiving weekend when she watched me make dinner rolls and asked if she could sidle up a chair to help. She takes care of her doll babies the way I care for her sisters, lifting her shirt and shoving a plastic round face onto her chest. If what she sees too often is me sitting at my desk on my laptop, then from where does she draw her inspiration? Maybe Sesame Street, maybe from her neighbourhood friends. 
I recognize that I am her mama, and being her role model comes part in parcel with the job title. I want her to see animated conversations happen between myself and a friend at the park, not in a chat window. I love sitting in our overstuffed chair flipping through photo albums and remembering summers past- a much more cozy scene than showing her Facebook albums. I am trying to teach my girls how to live a full, balanced life, and reminding myself in the process to keep it real.


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