Monday, October 22, 2012

My birthday!

Beautiful flowers from a beautiful friend
Major birthday loot haul

The babies seemed indifferent to the celebrations

My two birthday bakers in the kitchen
The first cake my husband has ever made, (not that you can tell)

Sharing grownup birthdays with kids is a blast

This weekend, we celebrated four birthdays, which never happens. Most weekends we have a short to-do list, a nice Sunday dinner and a game of catch-up with the PVR. 
Friday we celebrated our friend Emma's first birthday, which was, bar none, the most fancy first birthday party I've ever attended! It was so nice to celebrate that wee girl's existence after watching her mama dream of her, grow her and get to know her. It made me think ahead to the twins' first birthdays and I instantly teared up. Be forewarned: in four months' time, I will likely regress to pregnancy hormone levels of tears.
Saturday we attended a four-year-old's masquerade birthday. It was one of those great parties where the kids ran wild around the house, appeared in the kitchen for food and a mask craft, and then dispersed again while the adults sat upstairs eating and laughing. 
Sunday afternoon we went to a five-year-old's Halloween/Princess party, which was a hoot. It was clear that about halfway through planning, the birthday girl switched her focus and wanted a more princess emphasis on her party. Her mama had put in a lot of work, so they compromised and we all had fun!
Throughout the weekend, we celebrated my birthday! Saturday night, I went out with friends for desserts and wine at an Italian/Greek place in town (when the town is this small, you combine regional foods, I suppose). On Sunday,I Skyped with family far away, received an overseas phone call, opened up the gifts and cards that had arrived in the mail, went grocery shopping sans enfants, blew out candles on a cake made with love, and then went out with Rich while a babysitter stayed home with the kids! I felt really loved and connected to all the people who matter most. I must remark, though, that celebrating all these birthdays with a feisty three-year-old made the whole weekend so much more fun! Her enthusiasm was infectious, and it restored much of the luster and fun that can sometimes wane in adult birthdays.


  1. Glad you had a wonderful birthday! Abby has the best grin ever, she looks like she is just full of personality:)


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