Thursday, October 11, 2012

Capturing Moments

We made these girls!

I count myself blessed for a number of reasons, but at the forefront of my mind this evening is reason #4267- I am blessed to have such a talented photographer and magnificent friend in my life. I'll save all the reasons of why Johanna is such a great friend for another post and celebrate today what an amazing photographer she is. I am so touched that in the past year, she has helped us capture some truly miraculous moments. 
She took my maternity pictures in January, documenting a pregnancy I worked hard to achieve. The day my babies were born, she was with us in the hospital and immediately uploaded pictures of Hailey and Robin so all of our friends and family back home could see them for the first time. Then she came over several times in the next couple of weeks to get newborn shots of our girls (who proved extremely difficult subjects!). Those are some pictures I will hold close to my heart forever.

Baby Hailey and Robin, one week old.

This week she gave us edited pictures from a family photo shoot she did one Sunday morning at our favourite spot in the woods, the ones we hike as a family nearly every day. The woods where I would go to pray for answers and to feel connected with God. The woods where Abby has learned to hike and appreciate nature through its changing seasons. The place where my babies now enjoy sitting and watching the plethora of beautiful forest images go by their little eyes. Yes, it is our forest.

It's an amazing profession Johanna has, and she does wonders with her talents to give her subjects something to appreciate and reflect upon. Forever will her images remind us, her subjects, of a time we wanted to cherish. 
These pictures are by no means an ending to a story, but I do feel like they are a tying up of loose ends. They focus on a family that is full, blessed to have each other, and at the light at the end of their tunnel. They say to me, "look at us now!", in a jubilant celebration of all we've overcome to get here, and now here we are, living the good life.
Johanna loves my family (and we love hers!), and that love is translated so well in pictures she carefully chose and edited for us. She highlighted facial expressions, looks, locations and feelings that only someone who loves us could capture. That is why I know I am blessed to have a Jo-Jo in my life. :) 
I am so excited to print these pictures and hang them in our house as emblems of what we stand for: connection, love and a fierce loyalty to each other.
My sweet Abby, age three.

Hailey left and Robin right, age seven months. 
Extra reading just for fun: This article on why it is important to make sure mama gets in the photos too.


  1. Sarah! I have a huge lump in my throat. Thank you. Thank you for the kind words. It's true, I love you guys and it's been an honour to be able to capture your family's journey. Thank you for acknowledging the work, time and care I put into my photos. This means more to me than I'll ever be able to say.

  2. wonderful post, very raw and from your heart.


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