Friday, October 26, 2012

Tea Time

And ... exhale. Ahh. I can actually hear the quiet that has been hiding all day, underneath Abby's string of questions and babies crying. The quiet sounds like my furnace kicking in, the dishwasher humming while it does some of my work for me, the dryer tossing teeny baby pajamas, onesies and pants about. Serenity now.
Time for some tea.
I started  keeping a well-stocked tea cupboard in my Ross River house, back when stocking up on food items was how we shopped. I kept it going in this house and plan to forevermore. It is one of my favourite places in the kitchen. I open the doors and smell all kinds of chai, jasmine and rooibos leaves at once. The mugs are all neatly stacked on one side, with tea service items and my multitude of tea flavours on the other. Sometimes just peeking in makes me feel more at ease.
I think tonight calls for some chai-- I crave warmth, a bit of spice, something I can mix with creamy milk and some honey from my in-laws beehives.
I make sure to keep regular and decaf orange pekoe for everyday use. I like to be able to offer guests green, rooibos, Earl Gray and some herbal with a berry flavour, like a hibiscus or raspberry tea. I keep a canister of peppermint tea to brew when someone's tummy is feeling off-kilter, and some raspberry leaf for lady cramps. Also have to have some chamomile blend to sip in my bed right before I nod off.
Days usually start with a cup of Canadian breakfast tea, and my newest David's teas make good afternoon treats. (I went into David's Tea when I was home in June, and I've been enjoying their Creme Caramel and Birthday Cake).
Now enough writing for me-- there is a quiet house, an empty bathtub and an unfinished book calling me forth!

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  1. I'm with you; I adore tea, and I adore a well-stacked tea pantry!


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