Friday, September 28, 2012

I am happy when I am eating.

The babies enjoy a Paleo-Whole30 approved meal of chicken legs. 
In becoming more picky about what I read, what I research and what I share, I have noticed a lot of writing about people’s diets. Perhaps its the quasi-resolution atmosphere that comes with the ‘return to school’ vibe of September. Or knowing that a whole summer has been filled with more important things like vacations, family, friends, pool parties, and now it has quieted down and we are all left feeling sluggish, looking at our plates, and wondering if the two might correlate.
The latest trend I’ve noticed is the Whole30 diet. (I can’t claim that it is the newest thing out there, because I am so out of touch with what’s hot and new, I have no authority to label anything as such). It takes Paleo to a whole new level. (If, like me, you haven’t the foggiest what a Paleo diet is, here are the Cole’s notes). Essentially, for 30 days, you commit to eliminating some truly yummy-sounding things like sugar, wheat, alcohol, and dairy and eat a bunch of other things that are whole, unprocessed foods. I have friends that have felt much better after trying it, so there must be something to it.
I can admit to feeling sluggish sometimes, getting a bloat that is reminiscent of my 4-months-pregnant-with-twins days, being irritable, experiencing low blood sugar drops and being ravenous at certain times of day. The Whole30 plan promises to help alleviate or eliminate these things, but it doesn’t address my core complaint very well: “But the eliminated food is yummy and I am going to be hungry and poor after eating what you allow!” It does address them, and promises the sacrifices are worth it, the higher grocery bill is an investment in health, the eliminated foods are yummy because I’m chemically addicted to them, and the allowed foods will fill me up sufficiently. And this may be so.
But dangnabit,I’m a girl who likes food. I am not good at absolutes. I don’t want to live a life without cheese.
Nobody’s banging down my door begging me to try Whole30 and I don’t think anyone really cares if I try it or not. The program did, however, prompt me to evaluate what foods might make me feel gross and which ones contribute to my health. That’s a positive.
So after talking to a few people on it, I’ve decided not to eliminate foods, but to add more in and see if those additions maybe replace the stuff that might not be so awesome for me. I am still breastfeeding growing twins, and lead a relatively active lifestyle. I am prone to low blood sugar levels dropping quickly and am ectomorphic, meaning I burn through my fuel quickly. I gotsta have my cake and eat it too.
I am planning to eat more eggs. I have no cholesterol worries, but I could definitely use some more protein up in here. I like them scrambled, and in breakfast wraps with cheese and salsa. Oh- and cheese omelets. yum. But I could use some more ways to enjoy them, so I don’t get bored and fall off of the egg bandwagon.
Fish: My husband doesn’t care for it, but the rest of us ladies do. I despise making two separate dinners, but maybe we can enjoy more tuna melts at lunch (cleaned up with yogurt instead of mayo), or increase dinners of breaded tilapia and haddock dinners, making ol’ whiney-boots Rich a chicken breast in the same pan as the fish.
Chicken: I like the idea of getting a whole chicken every week or two, slow-cooking it, and then eating the meat in salads, sandwiches and on nachos throughout the week.
There, see? More protein and meat goodies for me, and maybe with those additions I won’t be turning to a piece of brie in the evening with a conspiratorial grin.

And to those of you Whole30-ing it out there, good luck, enjoy the positive changes, and share your egg/chicken/fish recipes!


  1. I'm one of the crazies doing Whole30 right now! I cut out grains and dairy last year and felt amazing and was finally able to drop a few of the 30 or so lbs I have to lose. So, I thought I'd give this a shot - mainly because I'm in a real sugar addiction it seems, constantly craving sweet stuff, and I was feeling sluggish and like I was having low blood sugar alot. I must say though, I too, do not want to live in world without cheese, wine and cupcakes:) And bread. So I think when we're done this 30 days, it will be all about balance and taking the best of what we've learned and making it work for our lifestyle. For example, we've started having eggs sauteed in coconut oil with kale for brekkie, along with berries and avocado. I can't BELIEVE how much fuller and more satisfied I feel all morning compared to when I eat oatmeal. So, stuff like that we'll take with us. Good for you for finding your own balance, I think sometimes people become a bit dogmatic about these trends and it takes some of the fun out of life!

  2. I too am not an all or nothing girl. When you put strict rules in front of me about what I must do or mustn't eat, I inevitably fail and feel shitty for doing so. But I do see the good side of the Paleo diet and have been trying to be more conscious about having more protein (eggs, nuts, meat) where and when I can.

  3. As you know, another crazy that did Whole 30 back in may. Pre-whole 30, I could barely keep 5 lbs off, during whole 30 I lost about 12 lbs. And currently, I`m lighter than I was pre first kid I believe, or equal too. Not that weight is the issue, I`m a petite gal as it is, but yeah I just couldn`t shake something. I still crave sweet stuff, all the time, but I don`t give myself shit if I get a donut at the grocery store when the kids get their free cookie :) I just make sure that most of our meals are filled with vegetables and a meat. As for the tuna melts, try it with homemade mayo, dairy and grain free, and GOOD FOR YOU hahaa. Seriously it`s super easy to do, theclothesmakethegirl has a great recipe for it. Also I hate rules, I hate labels, and I hate restrictions. I was super nervous of whole 30, but it ended up being so easy, effortless, meals were hardly planned and everything was good, satisfying and never left me feeling gross. But like Kathryn I`m not one to limit myself for the rest of my life. I plan to do whole 30 a couple times a year to clean up my digestion, but I`m not going to pass on cupcakes at a birthday party any other time of the year ;)


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