Monday, September 24, 2012


It is the lovely, joyous time of year again where the grocery store starts putting their cider on sale. It's right beside the Bolthouse juices in our store, and so I usually pass it by because hey, who pays $7 for fancy juice? Not me! Anyway, I'm rambling about juice finances. I have been putting a jug-o-cider in my cart every week while it's in season, and gluttonously enjoying the delicious nectar that is cider.
The cider is sweet, and made from BC apples. It is relatively cheap. It doesn't have any preservatives, gluten, sugar, chemicals, any of the stuff I would expect from something that tastes so sinfully sweet. Indeed, it has only one ingredient.

Awesome. Apples. Just apples. I've been drinking it from my favourite handmade stone mugs, numerous times a day: with my breakfast, in lieu of afternoon tea, after the kids are all in bed and I feel like celebrating. I have nothing profound to reflect further, I just wanted to declare my enjoyment of apple cider in autumn. It is seasonally, magically scrumptious.

Abby is enjoying her mug of cider for breakfast, and practicing her smize.


  1. Abby looks very grown up in the last pic!

  2. And here I thought this post would be about the delicious apple cider booze that I can no longer have. I was going to tell you to swig one for me! ahahha


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