Friday, September 14, 2012

Autumn at my Table

Whenever I travel, or go on a new adventure, my experience is always punctuated with tastes. Maybe it's like this for everyone, but I qualify my life's memories with dishes. I remember Greece fondly for the memories made with friends and family, but also for the delectable moussaka and spanakopita eaten. I remember summer as a kid by the taste of an ice cream baseball glove with the chewing gum ball in the centre that I always chose from Dickie-Dees ice cream cart. Christmas is mashed potatoes with gravy and Yorkshire pudding.
The list goes on and on, and the same applies to fall. Autumn is definitely marked by magically illustrious foliage. It is a recalled feeling of cool, crisp mornings that require the use of down vests and wool sweaters. My autumnal ecstasy is enticed most powerfully, though, by the food. Cider, orchard harvest apples, stuffing, pumpkin loaves, soup, candied carrots. Anything on your Thanksgiving table.
I have a friend who has autumnal-adoramus-nervosa, a condition that causes near-insane levels of enthusiasm for all things fall. Weeks ago she brought me a pumpkin spice candle, and in the last few days I have begun burning it at morning light, warming up our home with its nutmeg elixir. I have heard her call and answer back my display of maple leaves dipped in wax that my Grama mailed up to me from Ottawa. (I really miss maple trees).
This week, Abby took sick and what else was there to do but curl her up in a quilt and serve her pumpkin soup? There's a craft night tomorrow night and the idea of darning needles and raffia is foreign to me, so I am left with no choice but to bring pumpkin sex cake in lieu of craft supplies. I was chilled after digging out my annuals from the front garden, and a mug of chai called my name, so I answered with a "yes, ma'am."
Mug of chai tea? Come on over.

Is there anything as photogenic as harvest pears ripening by the window?

Even the babies are getting in on fall's food bounty. Behold pumpkin-apple-cinnamon mush.
I appreciate the warming of my insides, by candlelight, produce and under-quilt cuddles. It does a mama good after a busy summer spent outside in the sun.
Fall is here and we are lapping it up like cats desperate for nourishment. We are preparing to hibernate, to live a little slower with a little less busy and a lot more simplicity. We're giving it our last hurrah before the cold darkness sets in and we're calling it autumn.

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  1. bahahaha, thanks Sarah! You nailed it, I'm a fall fanatic and am proud to say it. You should see my autumn table in the front window. Wax paper leaves WILL be floating in my window by next week, mark my words.


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