Wednesday, September 19, 2012

At the Farm


Purple cabbage

The carrots we dug by hand

Abby among the rows of potatoes

Our harvest this morning

When I was in elementary school and we still went on field trips, the fall ones were always the best: the pumpkin patch, the experimental farm, the By Ward Market. We'd all pile in a big yellow bus, sing songs with curse words and then giggle, make faces at the card driving in the lane beside us on the highway. I'd love it when my mom could come as a chaperone, because it felt so cool to show her off (in the days before I thought she was so uncool, circa age 13).
Today, I got to take Abby on her first field trip to Rivendell Farm, a local organic vegetable and herb farm. Her little friends called me "Abby's mom," and gave me half-chewed carrots to hold for them while they scampered off through rows of onions. My little girl tried food fresh from the ground, and food she hadn't eaten before. I was delighted to be on a fall field trip again, with my own little girl.
We got dirty, really digging in the good kind of dirt, fingers searching for carrots of white, orange and even purple. We tasted sorrel for the first time (it was surprisingly sour!) and made faces at each other. We pulled snap peas off the plant and cracked them open together, discovering our own cache of vibrant green goodness.
Abby was quiet while we were there, taking it all in and watching what farmer Mary was doing to get each crop from the ground. On the way home, she had many further questions about where the vegetables came from. I'm so glad we had the chance to see for ourselves where food comes from. She's at such a curious, absorbent and clever age that it's a real gift to be able to indulge her curiosity wit experiences such as these.


  1. I wish we had a farm we could take Aiden too. Even though he's young, I love the idea of teaching him about soil, plants, etc. This upcoming spring will be the first time we plant a garden together! I'm very excited for him and me!

  2. These are such beautiful photos! The scenery looks like something out of a painting!


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