Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I'll admit, I'm an emotional creature. As my husband would say, I have a lot of feelings. But today, for all kinds of good reasons, I could just cry--I am that grateful. Grateful for my sweet, loving family, grateful for warm, wonderful friends and grateful for the life we have made here in the Yukon.
I started keep a journal about a month ago, in which I wrote a sentence or two every day about what made me feel grateful. Whenever I've ever felt sad in my life, I have found great uplifting power in reflecting on what makes me thankful. I truly believe that when I feel thankful for the abundance of good in my life, it is much easier to get through sad times.
Today's entry could be a chapter.
Nothing extraordinary happened today, nothing that constitutes a strong plot or fast-moving action. Today's beauty was in the quiet, the peace, the laughing, the sound of squealing happy babies and of friends sharing cake. I was grateful to stop cutting vegetables for a minute, stop wiping counter tops to grab that man of mine and let him hold me, thankful for his loving acquiescence when I ask for help. Happiness was in my baby Hailey's face as it lit up, giggles exploding from her sweet belly as I tickled her soft, naked skin. I felt great Joy when Abby broke from her running gaggle of friends to cuddle up to me and say, in a soft little voice, "Thank you for my friends that came to play with me." Making her happy like that makes me feel so good. I felt continually warm, like a three-hour hug, having my friends around me today as we celebrated the arrival of a new little baby boy.
Sometimes, it is hard being away from my first friends, my first family in Ottawa. But then the universe gives me days like today and I am so happy for our 'Northern Family' of friends, and for the beautiful family Rich and I have grown together up here.

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