Thursday, August 30, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Summer

Mother Nature has been indulging us with warm, sunny afternoons. It is still summer in the rest of the southern provinces but up here, we have begun resigning ourselves to our fate: the long, eight-month winter is coming. This is the time of year when the snow starts appearing on top of the mountains, when we start making our online winter gear orders, when we take the plants indoors and awake to morning frost. We lament the great white threat that is coming, and cling with greater desperation to sunny afternoons such as this. 
When Abby woke up from her afternoon nap, the sun was high and warm, the clouds had parted ways and left the skies and everything in my being was calling me to come play in the water. We brought Skylar along and drove only about 10 minutes, down to Long Lake, to say goodbye to summer. There aren't many days like this left, (we can feel it), so Abby and I went to formally carpe the last of the summer days.
We threw sticks into the water for Skylar to chase, and collected rocks to bring home for Daddy. We walked along the shoreline, up and down the bank, stopping to sit on fallen trees. The water was cool but tolerable on our feet, and we let it wash us. Abby thought rolling up our pant legs and throwing off our socks and shoes was so bad-ass (although she doesn't know those words yet), and she kept yelling, "Mama, come and run with me!" over her shoulder, throwing her wild curls around in the wind. 
The bugs have long since packed up and left, and the tourists have moved on. Today, the lake shore was ours and we soaked it up good.
We came, we played, we celebrated. Vive le summer.

Can you believe this water? Carribbean or Yukon?

Blog-ee self-portrait


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