Sunday, August 5, 2012

Round em up

Weekends can sometimes pass by unnoticed. With both papa bear and I staying home right now, the daily rhythm doesn't change much for us between a Tuesday or a Saturday. All we really have to remember is that the garbage goes to the curb Sunday evening (that reminds me ... ). This weekend, though, felt like a real weekend. You know, that certain weekend vibe you sometimes get. It felt something like this:
- wearing pajamas until we absolutely had to leave the house today. It was dreary and gray outside, there were Olympics and fun movies to watch inside, and enough food to tide us over. Abby sported her purple and hearts ensemble until about 4 p.m.
- pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup, baked while kitchen dancing to the oldies
- day trip to Carmacks, about an hour and a half away, to visit one of our fave families who just welcomed their fifth member. We lazily sat around with babies while the papas took the older kids outside until it was time for us all to converge in the kitchen and around the table for a delicious, shared meal.
-  renting a movie Friday night, putting my feet up after pouring a generously-sized wine spritzer and cuddling with my favourite date partner, like we used to with greater frequency before children
- morning visit with another family with adorable twins, so we could share cups of tea, muffins and gush over how blessed we are to have twin babies
- finished it all up by sharing Sunday supper with a family we've known for years but who just moved to town. They welcomed their third baby girl exactly 10 days before the twins were born, and their older two get along wonderfully with Abby. We ate incredibly well, the babies cried, the older girls screamed with delight, tore around the house, and at one point Abby came upstairs and pronounced she was not going to wear pants ever again. Of course.
I am now going to sneak away and enjoy the quiet in the house by taking a long hot bath, with a glass of wine (well, the bottle was opened Friday, I really shouldn't let it go to waste), reading my book, and deep-conditioning my hair. Indulgence calls, sayonara!
This lovely bouquet comes courtesy of my front garden. How Martha is that?

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