Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nom, nom, nom

Oh, second children. I have far too many examples of how these babies are getting the more relaxed, laid-back parents. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes I think they could stand to have parents that care a little more. This week, I have been approaching the whole realm of solid foods with a way more lazy attitude than I did with Abby. I hand-made organic purees for Abby's first few months, waited the requisite few days between introducing new foods, and was very attuned to how she digested each new delicacy. Granted, I had the time to do all of this. I wanted to make sure I did things as well as I could with my first daughter because it always seemed to feel like someone was watching me, judging me.
Now, I am far more confident, and have far less free time on my hands. The babies will turn six months this week (heads up: there's a super-sappy sentimental half-birthday post coming up!), and Health Canada tells me their iron stores may start running low, because they eat predominantly unfortified breast milk. The babies have been watching our mouths at meal time, looking like stoners tripping out bad while a giant brownie dances in front of them. Ergo, I figured it was high time to get munchin' down with the munchkins.
My little gourmandes try pumpkin.
I gave them a bit of oatmeal for starters one day, and after a couple more days of that they seemed to figure out the mechanism of sucking in the contents of the spoon and then slurping it down. The rest is for dribbling all over one's self.
Since then, the babies have sucked on green beans and bell peppers, ate pureed yams and pumpkins, and gummed at strawberries. I didn't make anything special, I just gave them a babified version of what we'd be eating for lunch or dinner anyway.
I haven't done a very good job of keeping track of their reactions (because there really haven't been any beyond the range of post-spoon dribbling), haven't waited between 'new foods', and I haven't checked in what order I'm 'supposed' to introduce them. We're going to wing it, and based on what these babies have had to become accustomed to from their parents, this should swing just fine.
I get great enjoyment watching their faces scrunch up when they taste something new, as if I am betraying them on a deep, guttural level.  It's fun to include Abby, who chastises them for being so messy, but delights in their enjoyment. My kids are definitely food lovers like their mama.


  1. There is an expression that I've heard a lot about multiples that fits this post perfectly: Multiples give you the excuse to parent like you want to, not like you think you should.


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