Sunday, August 26, 2012

At six months old

A Sunday walk along the Yukon River. The girls wonder who the lady with the sunglasses and the mama voice might be.
At six months old, we enter a subtle new level of mutual appreciation, the twins and I. As babies, they recognize I am their food lady. They rejoice when they see my face peek over the sides of their crib in the morning, and they know they can count on me to keep them relatively comfortable. As their mother, I can start to celebrate their personalities as they begin to bloom. Of course, there were the little clues I picked out in their first few days, like the way Hailey was born a high-energy baby and the way Robin has always appreciated beautiful things. Now, with the newborn sleep rubbed from their eyes, they begin to come into their own.
At six months old, the girls are starting to let me in to their complex mystery, showing me the first layers of their deep souls. Hailey is optimistic, jubilant, expressive and comical. She mirrors my grin with a smile that could melt anyone's heart. Hailey is easily placated, and often her cries can be curtailed by just holding her, letting her join in on the fun. She is madly in love with her big sister. When Abby enters the room, Hailey's gaze is locked on her and a wide, gummy grin is fixed on her face. Oh, her face. She looks so much like her Daddy, it's spooky sometimes. She fake coughs to get attention and giggles when I catch on. She is a voracious eater, but weighs two pounds less than her twin. It could be a faster metabolism, but I think it's because she just doesn't stop moving. She is always squirming, kicking, pivoting, trying to get somewhere quickly. Indeed, at six months old and a preemie to boot, Hailey has completely ignored the developmental milestone chart and decided to start trying to crawl already. She is my sweet little sprite, so full of joyful energy.
At six months old, Robin seems like an old soul. Its as though she already has her priorities aligned and is content to find beauty in simple pleasures. Today, for instance, I sent Abby, Rich and Skylar ahead on our walk in the woods, so I could sit and feed the girls their morning bottles. Robin was very hungry, I knew, but she pushed aside her bottle and instead opted to stare up at the expansive canopy of trees and take in the lush, green beauty of her surroundings with a serene smile. She requires proximity to her family, and can happily busy herself for long stretches of time playing with her toys when she can see one of us close by. She loves to try out different sounds and tones, especially when either of her sisters joins in the chorus. In the morning, she is exquisitely pleased to see me, but is immediately tranquil when I lift her to look out her nursery window at the mountain chain behind our house, painted gold by the rising sun. I think I have a little poet in my midst.
Hailey and Robin are so beautifully becoming their own little ladies in their own wonderful ways. I can already tell I am not going to feel any pull to contrast and compare them as twins, because it's so very clear that though they share a birthday, they are sisters with their own compasses.


  1. so beautiful they way you convey their unique personalities. I'm guessing Robin might follow in her mama's writing footsteps

  2. I can't believe they're six months already!

  3. I find it amazing how they can be so different already!

  4. Kara: Me too! Having twins definitely makes it clear how much of our personality comes innate!

  5. A beautifully written post! You should print all the posts about the girls and make books for them :) Getting to read how you saw them at these different ages will be so great for them when they're older!

    Happy 1/2 birthday to your little ones!!


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