Saturday, August 11, 2012

Accountability or Something

It's mid-August and summer (and beach season) is waning, but I am starting to feel like I'm ready to get back in shape. The babies are thriving on mostly breast milk and starting to eat solid foods now. Six months is longer than I thought I'd make it pumping their bottles, so I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I've continued eating a whole whack of calories every day, making sure to take in lots of water and proteins, to keep my milk supply up, as I plan to keep breastfeeding them at least a year and take it from there. So far, so good. 
I have been patient with myself thus far, not fixating on weight loss or muscle tone (bah! what a farce that concept is, postpartum!), but more on hormonal balance and milk supply. I can feel now that some of the extra weight is coming off, my bones are starting to shrink back down to where they once were many moons ago, and it's easier for me to find the energy to be active with the girls sleeping through the night (mostly).
Rich is still home, we have found a family rhythm and routine, and I feel really good about fitting some me-time back into my days.
OK, so I started by making my Pinterest 'workout motivation' board full of yogis, runners and athletic-looking slamming beach bods to get me going. It's helpful to see where you want to be, right? I bought some new hiking shoes when home in Ottawa, so I'm set for the trails. I've been trying to hike every other day (or thereabouts) with Skylar, Abby and mama friends in my little neighbourhood. It's nice to share a hike with someone, and our voices are supposed to help warn off any bears, so it's nice to feel like I won't be bear-attacked while pursuing my cardio health goals. We get our heart rates up, take in the vibrant green mountain landscape around us, chat about domestica and, in Abby's case, sing made-up songs about the forest animals.
I've been doing yoga every other day, either a good hour-long video or sometimes just a half an hour one to loosen up my back muscles, which are usually sore from carrying babies around all day. It's nice to get re-aligned and stretch, but more than that it is nice to find that really awesome Zen zone of concentration it takes to hold my muscles in a difficult balance. I finish a session so much more calm and rejuvenated, the benefits are always worth the level of difficulty I find in maintaining Warrior 2 for very long.
I'm trying to put an emphasis on eating whole foods and limiting how much processed foods I eat, but other than that, I am not being very restrictive. Feeding two babies still takes a lot of energy, and so I take it where I can get it. I also just love to eat, so it works out well!
So that's were I'm at, and maybe putting this all out there will be some kind of accountability to keeping me on track with my health goals. It's been a couple weeks and I've already noticed a difference in how my clothes fit, how much energy I have, and how much motivation I have to get through a hike or yoga session at the end of a long day when it means I can finally plop down and read or watch TV! Weight-wise I have about 10 pounds to be at my pre-pregnancy weight, but I don't count on being there until I am done breastfeeding, which is a ways away (I hope!).
If you're in town or free and want to join me in scaring off the bears on an evening hike, you're more than welcome to join in! I really dislike doing yoga with people though, so don't invite yourself over. I can gladly swap videos with you, though.
Maybe come spring, when I am all fierce and ripped from my guaranteed winter of fitness and heightened activity level (hopefully!), I'll start running again and tackle a good road race.
One of my fave yoga motivation pics from my Pinterest board

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