Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Minutiae

This is Goober, our five-year-old rescue cat, staring out our kitchen window. He thinks the grass is greener on the other side, and it is, because there is no grass indoors. I took this picture during a quiet moment yesterday when all three girls were down for a nap, Rich was downstairs doing his thing, and I had just returned from the hospital where I cuddled a day-old baby boy. When I took this picture, I felt supreme contentment.
We have been home for a week, and we have found our rhythm again. Baking bread, going for walks in the woods, busy breakfasts and that time of day when we all squish into the upstairs bathroom and watch the babies kick and splash each other in the bath before bed.
I feel a sense of ownership here. This is my place, my home. Rich and I reign supreme here, and control how our kids are raised, how we eat, how we spend our time together. Having some control over the important things makes me feel like, "hey, we got this." We might not have a say over some things, but really, what kind of life would this be if everything went as planned? I've certainly learned that lesson in the family planning arena, and now learning it in the work-family arena is another challenge I know we're up for. Because hey, we've got this. We have reasons to laugh every day, good food to eat, enough to get by but not so much as to be spoiled, purpose in our days, constant revision of priorities and three little faces who look up at us every day for love, comfort and guidance.
So, I am turning the page on the big picture for now, and focusing on the minutiae that makes our days go by faster than we want them to. Things like a big toy purge in the next few days, putting together the girls' play table, celebrating life when it's taken too soon, weeding the garden, walking on our favourite trail, pressing my nose to babies' scalps and inhaling deeply, falling down at day's end in my best friend's strong arms and thanking God for every blessing as I count them off and drift to sleep.

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