Friday, July 27, 2012

On Having a Daughter

My sleeping princess fairy, dreaming.
Lately, I've been aware of Abby's growth, and her evolving personality. It's as though the last few days I have been looking at Abby in layers, seeing the depth of her understanding, thoughts and feelings. I have looked into her deep, blue eyes and seen more of her than ever before. It's natural for her to seem so much older when compared with her baby sisters, but more than that, in our quiet moments together, I can sense a change.
We've been having more quiet moments together lately. We shared a bubble bath, and had girl chats about what boobs do, why we have belly buttons and what kind of butterflies we like. We went to the park, played on the swings, and I listened to her sing her thoughts out loud. We had a nice, quiet breakfast on a rare morning when the babies slept in, and found the time to really be with each other and warm up to the day slowly, comfortably, and with smiles over toast.
This is a really ethereal, magical bond, this mother-daughter thing. Being on the mother side is scintillating to my soul. I know her the best of anyone in the world and love every bit of her. (I love getting to know every bit of her and loving that bit just as much as the ones before.)
I love knowing what will make her feel better when she is overwhelmed, confused, embarrassed or scared, even when her reaction to all of those things is the same (a cry and run away). I know that because her heart used to beat inside of me, and I can speak to that heart now in a way she immediately understands.
I feel so confidant and lucky as her mother, and privileged to get to walk through the rest of my life with this special insight into what it is to love a daughter. I am so lucky I get to do this three times over every day for the rest of my life.

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