Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vive le summer

There is little time for sitting and writing these days; they go by so fast I sometimes don't see a computer screen at all. We are having big and small adventures, carpe diem-ing all over Ottawa. As a matter of administration, I wanted to share that I'm participating in a Yukon Blog Carnival, which is essentially a fun way to increase traffic to Yukon blogs. (See picture at bottom of right-hand sidebar and read more about it here). It requires something of a commitment from my writing habits, which is really a good thing this summer. I need a bit of structure, I think. So I am committing to blogging on here at least twice a week, more if the mood so strikes. Thanks for the prompt, blog carnival!
In other news, if you consider what I'm doing on vacation in Ottawa 'news', we've been outside a lot. We've been swimming (which is still a novelty to me after a few Yukon summers), picking strawberries, going to parks, going for walks, and sitting on the front porch blowing grape-scented bubbles. I have been home a lot with the babies who have taken to waking me throughout the night, just for kicks. Then, I have inevitably become a kind of tired/whiny wifey that makes Rich prompt me to go out by myself for a few hours. This usually fixes everything. Yesterday I escaped to get fresh food at the market and chocolate-peanut butter ice cream at Baskin Robbins.
We are eating gourmet burgers at The Works, strawberries by the pint, pizza delivered to my house for under $20, whole foods at The Wild Oat and Beavertails.
Vive le summer.

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