Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Living

This morning, I am thinking to myself, "God bless birthdays, for they give me the chance to lick cake batter off of the spatula." It's an unusually quiet morning here this Sunday. Abby is at her first ever sleepover (at her Granny's house), and the little girls have falen asleep after a rousing morning of babbling and kicking their fat little feet. I feel spoiled in this luxurious moment of me time.
This whole trip I've felt rather spoiled. I am enjoying sunny, hot weather leaves me sweating just enough so that my face feels a whole new kind of soft at day's end. I am eating like a queen and going back for seconds. I am taking walks to the smoothie shop just because I can, and making plans to taste the city I love with friends I have missed so much.
Back home, things are quite chaotic. The roads into and out of the Yukon have given way to flash flooding and washouts. This means travellers are stranded and no commercial trucks are getting into town. A friend posted pictures of rows of empty shelves in the grocery store as people stock up, not knowing how long it will be before food trucks can make it in. I can't believe how serious the situation is, and I even feel a bit guilty that all this is going home, stranding friends of mine, while I sip spritzers on the back porch watching my babies enjoy a summer breeze.

Life is good. I am definitely feeling rich in every sense of the word. I am loving sitting down with my family for dinner-- my whole family. I am loving swimming outside. I am loving laughing with my friends so hard I cry and my cheeks hurt. I am loving showing off my girls, proud of them and confidant I know how to handle nearly every situation in my own way with them. I am loving holding Rich's hand while we are out on our own, taking advantage of free family babysitting. I am loving showing off the city I care for so deeply to the little Yukon girl, watching her blend country living with urban culture.

Abby checks out a familiar sight at the  Canadian Museum of Nature.


  1. I LOVE the museum of nature!! I always have.

  2. We miss you here Sarah. I have a correction to make though... I think Abby's first sleepover ever was here at my place when the babes were born :O) but definitely her first Ottawa sleep over.
    I miss Ottawa in the sumer. We haven't had any summer weather here yet and it's getting to me.
    Enjoy it for us all here okay?

  3. oh you're right\1 that time was such a blur!


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