Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home Again

I'm home in my home, not my childrens' home. I'm in Ottawa, in the house that saw me grow from three years old to 19. I am sitting in the chair I sat in every time I had a birthday, in the dining room with the light pink walls. Everything here is so familiar, I still find it as a setting for my dreams when I am sleeping 5500 km away.
I forgot how much I love summer here. Hot, sticky, humid summer with thunder storms and dragonflies. I didn't know how much I missed the sound of the leaves blowing on the maple and birch tree in the backyard, until I heard them again.
The Yukon is so far away from me right now. I can almost forget it exists. I tell people it's where we live and that is a fun conversation starter where they ask, and I tell, of the midnight sun and -50 winter days. I feel like I could buy a house here tomorrow and leave the Yukon in the turned pages of my story.
I love this place. I have been visiting with friends, eating at favourite restaurants, walking familiar routes, idling through the aisles at Chapter's by the movie theatre where Rich took me on all our dates. I feel like I am returning to where I belong.
Thank goodness this vacation is just getting started.

1 comment:

  1. I too miss the sounds (and smells) of leaves (leaves OTHER than Aspens!!!) Have a fantastic trip.


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