Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 It's morning. The sun has been up for a while and though I have as well, I feel serene. I had a good nights' sleep (thank you for listening, babies), then we woke up, ate, I watched them coo and giggle for a bit, and they fell asleep again. Abby has not yet woken. This is rare. I savour it. I have taken time to cook oatmeal, slice strawberries, catch up on e-mails and even stretch a little. I was not rushed by calls of "Mamaaaaaa," or the wail of a hungry baby.
I have been thinking about what it means to find peace. To recognize it when it makes its quiet way into my day. I found it yesterday inside the hood of my rain jacket as I listened to furious rain drops hit against it. I found it when I lay down on the ground next to Hailey and Robin, whose eyes followed my face and delighted in my joining them. I found peace in a late-morning cuddle on the couch, tea in hand, with Abby while the rest of the house was quiet.
The sun gives the prospect of a sunny day, weather welcoming me to come outside, rake the lawn, sweep the driveway, wear a baby in the cool, crisp winds of spring.

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