Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adventure Time

Summer gives me a feeling of adventure. I love the potential to taste untapped, new waters. Having twin infants doesn't quell this, it only makes it stronger. Now I can take my two newest girls on summer adventures with me. So far, they have proven to be quite the agreeable accomplices. They joined Abby and I on a road trip to Teslin a couple of weeks ago, letting me test the waters of road-tripping. I came home victorious, having made the journey to visit friends.
Yesterday, we went a little further, to Skagway, Alaska. We planned to meet up with our cousins, who were visiting the port city for the day during their Disney Cruise through the North. All my girls made me proud. They made the five-hour round-trip journey with minimal tears, and even enjoyed themselves as we drove through valleys between mountains that reach thousands of feet high.
Skagway was a wonderful adventure to start off the summer. We danced down the boardwalk, ate lunch at a lovely cafe we discovered, ate ice cream under the trees and rode a helicopter through the surrounding glaciers.

Glacial righteousness
Little cousins riding the helicopter

Adding to our list of adventures together

City of Skagway as seen from the air!

Next week, we set off on our biggest adventure as a five-some yet: We will take two planes across the country to visit home, Ottawa. I have a list (are you surprised?) of adventures to go on while we are there, soaking up summer and family time. I can;t wait to take the girls to Mer Bleu to feed the chickadees, the canal to feed the ducks, the nature museum, Kingston to see a friend, and many other little excursions. Not to mention the food: I have a long list of restaurants and cafes to visit. Mama's hungry!
I hope it will be a summer full of awesome adventures!

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