Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring's Renewal

I'm sorry to have been so absent on here! I'm sure you'll understand, but even if you do, I still want to apologize. I love returning here to find words that match what I'm thinking about and vibing on, so here I am, back today.
We just had a week-long visit from my in-laws, who were really quite the saviors. They made sure I got almost a full night's rest every night (save for waking to pump milk for my growing little ladies). They cleaned, they rocked and bounced babies, they played with Abby, and they shopped for the little surprises they thought would make our lives easier. Today they flew home, and I am feeling rested, well-fed, relieved to have crossed some spring cleaning items off of my list and happy to return to snuggling my girls whenever I want (without competition!)
Hailey and Robin are growing so fast. They have left newborn babies behind in place of curious, plump little girls who have begun to take in their environments with their big, blue eyes. They love to be cuddled, they eat a ton, they are sleeping slightly longer stretches at night, and they are sucking me right in with their cuteness.

Abby enjoyed having her grandparents here to dote on her, play animals with her, join us for our daily hike and tuck her in at night. I know she'll miss them a lot, and that throwing a whack of Easter chocolate into the mix is going to mean we are faced with an off-kilter three-year-old these next few days.
Though the snowbanks in my front yard are still shoulder-high, the sun is out higher and longer throughout the day, ensuring that the white remnants of winter will soon melt away. We've been enjoying no-jacket warmth in the afternoon with hour-long hikes in the woods, and a renewed vow to eat clean, whole foods. Spring always makes me feel like new year's resolutions are supposed to: it's a new season of new life. I am entering it with new babies and a body that doesn't feel like mine. It has done this amazing thing birthing twins and is continuing to provide food for two hungry girls, which thoroughly impresses me. I am patient with its physical strangeness, but my body is still needing fuel and a new kind of acceptance, and so this is where I am renewing my efforts to eat well and love it.
I went out on a date with Rich last night, our first since the night before the girls were born. It was nice to sneak away, and he surprised me (well, sort of!) with a pair of Yukon gold nugget earrings as a thank you for incubating and delivering his two littlest ladies. I really appreciated the gesture, and the chance to go out and feel like his wife again last night, without also feeling like someone's mama.
I am excited spring is here and all the promises it has in store. I plan to do some more indoor gardening before the snow melts, get outside every day to enjoy the sun, grocery shop mostly in the produce section as more healthy stuff makes its way North, take a trip home to Ottawa with my family of five, and keep my toes painted pink as they wait to be set free in sandals.

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  1. I know how you feel, but does that feeling ever go away. i feel like I am used to it after my second kid. Life, I guess.


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