Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Smatterings

Oh, spring is coming, my windows are open, I am back in the kitchen baking again and I am noticing some colour in my cheeks. Our household is full of good things, especially these two little things that might not sleep but oh, do they smile and light up our world.
Other Things that are making me feel content:
  •  Reading 'Bloom' and noticing a bit more beauty in my own everyday
  •  Baking nutritious snacks to feed my monstrous appetite (seriously, if I don't eat nearly a full meal between 2 and 5 am, I become a deadly, scary beast)
  •  Walking in the sun with my whole family everyday
  •  Going through my new Looneyspoons collection cookbook and feeling inspired to create colourful, wholesome meals
  •  Taking Abby to dance class, letting go of her hand, and watching her flourish as she moves to the rhythms of "Intro to Movement"
  • High five-ing Rich at the end of the day when we've successfully got all three girls to sleep and it's just us again
  • Getting parcels in the mail from friends or from my busy online shopping that I did post-partum. 
All this to say, I know when I read other peoples' blogs, depending on the mood I am in, I sometimes roll my eyes at these types of "everything is AWESOME" posts from people. At least, I used to. Now I am celebrating with them, and recognizing that being happy is a choice. Sure, our babies don't sleep, we don't have much money, we're dealing with some monumental work/life decisions, and I have mom guilt over Abby's changing world, but is that really so bad? Someone always has it worse, I know. And no one really wants to hear me complain, least of all my family and friends. That's not to say I'm masking any feelings or putting on a happy face, but I am really making an effort these days to celebrate the awesomeness and put the negative into perspective. 
Join me, won't you? Spring is here, the sun is warm, the produce is vibrant and tasteful and these two babies are pretty darn cute.


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