Monday, April 30, 2012

Business Time

It's been just over ten weeks since the twins were born, and I'm starting to feel the fog of the newborn days lift. I may not be sleeping much more, but I seem to be adapting and finding more energy in my days. I am wanting to find our new normal, and leave this survival mode we've been living in. I am done getting our daily meals from the deep freeze (though I am immensely thankful to myself and my friends for helping me stock it well!). I am done wearing yoga pants every day. I am done putting house chores off for later days.
It's time to get down to business. Spring is here and homeowners know that means time for spring cleaning, car washing and lawn maintenance. I am feeling a new need to make our meals and snacks again. Perhaps it's a desire to eliminate sugar from my diet (and Abby's; that kid is nuts on her own without stimulants), eat clean and get my body back into tip-top shape, health-wise.
This week, we're raking the lawn now that the snow has melted. We're helping Abby learn to ride her bike, we're washing the windows, wiping down the kitchen cabinets, preparing the garden beds and making our own bird feeders for the backyard.
In addition to rolling up my sleeves and putting some work into getting my house into Sarah-approved status, we're letting the babies know their free ride is up. Until now, they have coasted by on their cute looks, their need to grow, and their inability to do much but eat and sleep. They are now staying awake for longer, enjoying playing on their mat, looking up at the world around them, and following our faces as we move around the room. They are falling into a more predictable pattern and showing us that they, too, have a rhythm to their days.
So, those babies get to move into level two around these parts. This requires that they start learning how to put themselves to sleep, they learn to smile back at our faces, they can begin grabbing at things and moving them to their mouths, and -- for extra bonus points-- they can begin sleeping through the night. I think they're ready, they just need a bit of help. So, we're starting to let them find their own comfort zone in their crib at night, and settle themselves after they wake up between sleep cycles. All that really means is that we're waiting longer before we go to them at night to see if they settle or if they just need a pat on the back to drift back to the land of nod. Here's hoping!
Like the bears of these parts who are now emerging from their dens and getting into their summer routines, we too are ready to emerge from our hibernation and greet the long sunny days as a growing family of five.

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  1. Good luck with all the cleaning! I love/hate this time of year because I LOVE having a clean house, but I also am not fond of the work involved to get it there! I hope the twins start giving you more sleep soon!


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