Thursday, March 1, 2012


The second time around, I am enjoying the newborn phase so much more. I know it can sometimes suck: the relentless crying, the explosive diapers, the staying awake late at night, the sleep deprivation. Those things aren't fun. But it is not permanent. I know, this time, that it too shall pass. And then they won't be newborns anymore. They won't coo lightly as they greedily swallow their milk, or fit in the sink for their bath. They won't sleep the day away, content to nestle into the crook of my arm as we sit in the afternoon sun.
Having newborn twins in the house as certainly re-arranged our rhythm. They require rousing every two hours to eat, as their fat stores are not yet sufficient. Feeding can take up to an hour each, plus feeding and outfit changes when they get soiled. This is all background activity to whatever Abby is up to at the moment, usually something involved, energetic and demanding of my attention as well. We are all making every effort to ensure our oldest's needs are met, and she is sensitive and upset by the changes to our routine, understandably.
We sleep intermittently, strive to eat our meals and regular intervals, and have barely attended to household cleaning. We are shifting priorities, finding time to go outside in the sun, and making room for two more people in the family.
It is a shift, a change. A big one. But for all the shuffling it requires, it is beautiful. Abby taught me how to be a mamma, and so this time I already know how to love these babies. I am not feeling pulled in two more directions, but like my reservoir of love is spreading to two new wells. I am the luckiest mama on earth that these babies are here, healthy and growing every day. I sing these praises throughout each day, marveling in my fortune, not taking this for granted this time.

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  1. Just came across your blog and wanted to say Congrats on your beautiful little girls! :-)


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