Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Postpartum Eating

I know for a while a big focus of this blog was on adopting a more healthy, holistic lifestyle, and pregnancy derailed that a bit. Well, I lived healthy but I ate ravenously--whatever I could get my hands on! I didn't pay much mind to keeping my body in working order. Just keeping it fed was an effort.
Now, I find myself two weeks postpartum and my body serving a whole other function. Instead of incubating, now I am breastfeeding and getting my body back on track. I don't mean dieting by any means, just returning to putting good things in, to get the most out of my body systems. I have been depleted of a lot of my stores through birth and still through nursing, so I'm working to regain my strength!
I am keeping mindful of my iron levels, and working to restore them through eating red meat, leafy greens, carrot juice and supplements geared towards postpartum re-balancing.
I am trying to reduce my sugar intake, because as pregnancy hormone levels drop off, they continue to play funny tricks on me, and I don't need sugar throwing that process off. I am drinking a ton of water and eating lots of fiber to keep my digestive system in good working order. I am eating large meals and snacking often, to keep my energy levels up and my milk supply hearty.
I am eating lots of oatmeal, protein and calcium to bolster my milk supply. With two babies needing food, I am still figuring out how much I need to produce. Thankfully, my body has done a great job of filling the milk quota around here thus far. I am not one to adapt my diet to suit the babies' needs. I know certain foods might make them gassy, but really, they are gassy either way. I need to ensure I am eating well, and I trust that my body will continue providing milk customized to their needs.
This sounds like a lot to keep track of (at least to my easily-overwhelmed mind), but really, I am keeping it simple. This being my second time around with newborns, I know to be patient with myself. I will not look like my pre-pregnancy self for a while, if at all. My only goal is to be healthy and strong enough to be present with my kids and well-nourished enough to provide for them.
This next week I want to slowly get back into yoga. Gently, of course, but I think it will do my muscles good to begin slowly strengthening them again. Continually bouncing babies requires a bit of gusto!
I am also getting out for walks with Abby and Skylar, because it feels so good to get fresh air and give my heart something to pump about.

Part of taking care of ourselves is making time for a relaxing shower-a-deux!


  1. You are amazing. It's so important to take care of your body so that you can also take care of your little ones. I was so exhausted, I loaded up on caffeine and sugar...not the best idea! I've learned to eat healthier and take in fresh air daily for when/if we get pregnant again. :)

  2. You are so inspiring! I just came across your blog and read a few of your older posts. Your birth story is amazing, and I am so impressed that you are so positive. It must be so so hard right now adjusting to life with twins plus a three-year-old! I have three boys under the age of 5, each single births. I simply cannot imagine twins! You are doing fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration!


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