Thursday, March 22, 2012


My girls are due today, and will be five weeks old tomorrow. Time is going by really fast, and I'm trying to cram as many newborn snuggles in as I can before they graduate and become big ol' babies. Abby seems like a teenager, by comparison. We take special care after a shower (not a bath!) to wrap up and condition her long, curly hair so that it looks nice in the morning. She says things like, "Oh yes, that's a great idea!" and helps feed her baby sisters their bottles. The sun is staying higher in the sky for longer every day and, like Ferris Bueller says, I really need to stop and look around once in awhile because life can move pretty fast.
Life is pretty simple around here. There's a rotation of babies being fed, rocked, bounced and cuddled. Bottles filled, emptied, cleaned and dried. I am continually eating, sipping water, pumping milk or nursing a baby, fueling with good nourishing foods as input to support my output. Finding an extra hand to play dolls with Abby, or make a puzzle. Strapping babies to our chests, me and papa bear, so we can all go out to the woods for a walk in the rich afternoon sunshine. I don't find a lot of quiet moments just for me, so when I do, I indulge in a good snack, read a couple of pages from my latest book, do some postnatal yoga or sleep.
It's not always rhythmic, but there's a subtleness to our routine, shallow as it may be while we tread and find our new normal.
I stopped and looked out the back window one morning this week, after the babies had been fed and before I went to get Abby from her room for breakfast. I saw this beautiful pink and orange sunrise painted across the mountains, and it made me really glad to live in such a picturesque mountain town.
Spring is coming, our house is filled with new life, and my heart beats for the three little ladies whose smiles fill my days.


  1. Amazing that they have been here 5 weeks! Time sure does fly!

  2. I love the way you write ... You make everything seem so calm and serene. Congrats on reaching your "due date". :)


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