Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back to the Woods

While I was pregnant, I had to forgo my favourite trail in the woods behind our neighbourhood. It was too intense for my already over-worked blood supply to keep up with, so I kept my strolls to the sidewalks, when I was able to muster the energy to head outdoors. Even remembering this exhaustion is making me tired to think of now!
I am now almost six weeks past the girls' birth and feeling much more ready to return to the world of hiking. It's hard to find time, with three little mouths to feed at home and a busy schedule of change, pump, feed, prepare our own food, repeat. So once a day we all try to get out to the woods for a walk as a family.It feels like coming home and oh, it is good to be back.

Abby has been really impressing me. While I was incubating, she and her Daddy continued walking in the woods together and it seems the practice as made her a walk-loving maniac like her mama. This little girl of but three years old has been walking and running a 45-minute hike every day, with hills! What a little Yukon gem, she is. I hope this love of fresh air, tall trees and birdwatching gets picked out by my littlest sourdoughs. Naturally, they join us for our daily hike as well. Why not?

My favourite part of the trail comes about halfway, where the hill climbing stops and there is this clearing overlooking a cliff. All the surrounding mountains are on full display in this beautiful amphitheater of rock, snow and pine. It is one of my favourite spots to think and reflect. I spent many months hiking into this place to look up and ask questions like, "why?" and "when?". Once I had my answers, I had to wait until recently to return to this spot to say, "thank you."

Our days at home pass by quickly, and I find the time since the girls' birth has been slipping away much too quickly for my liking. Thank heavens for our daily walks, our chance to slow down and soak it in.


  1. Just beautiful Sarah! I'd love to join you on this trail when I get back. I'll throw Katia in the ergo.
    I'm glad that you are getting out and enjoying the fresh air.


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