Thursday, February 2, 2012

Butt Groove

I know this blog is called the cure for boredom. And for the 20 or so minutes it takes me to write this blog, I will be cured of my boredom. But I am bored. I am immobile, huge, sore, short of breath, and thus greatly limited in the activities in which I can partake. Not much yoga to be had here, I am trying to cook my freezer meals while the day's dinner is cooking, I am nesting big time, but delegating most tasks to Rich and Abby (she dusted for me today! At least the bottom three feet of each room)..
The extra 50 or so pound on me (and growing!) has slowed me down big time. I find it tough to walk in the snow without slipping, so I mostly stay home. I get tired pretty easily and by day' end I am pretty swollen, so there's not much to do but put my feet up and watch TV or read.
(Now, I am not complaining at all. No one wants to hear that and I don't want to do it--I am glad to be 33 weeks pregnant and I know that any discomfort now will be something I miss in a couple months when it's all over.)
(Sorry for the many parentheses in this entry)
I am tired and sloth-like but I am bored once my day with Abby is done. I am not filling up my to-do list each day, but the after-bedtime hours still need filling with things I can do from my recliner.
To cure my boredom, I am reacquainting myself with TV. I have been all over The Office, Intervention, The Bachelor, TLC, Slice-- of it's on between 8 and 10 p.m., I am parked in my butt groove watching it.
I know I could be reading. I do a chapter or two of my book a night, but since I'm not getting to the library all that often, I'm trying not to burn through my reads! And it's been so long since I've followed a TV show, it's kind of nice to do this again. Lord knows when I'm nursing twinfants I'll still be here in my recliner with my prime-time homies, living it up satellite-style.
So, the end of this pregnancy isn't very exciting, but this is my scene; balancing a plate of nachos on my bump, feet up, litre of water beside me. Action.

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