Friday, February 10, 2012

Bed Rest

Not much has changed since my last post a week ago, except that now I am on doctor-ordered modified bed rest. That means I can still get up and leave the house, but I can only stand for very short periods, like 15 minutes. Other than short bursts, I am to be sitting or lying down. This is all preventative, because I am likely to have a very fast labour, and because I am starting to get those "babies are coming" signs. A few contractions here and there, lots of downtown pressure and some more internal clues I got from the doc after he investigated the situation with my legs in stirrups.
I'm 34 weeks now, and I have to make it to 36 in order to stay up in the Yukon and hopefully ensure the babies have mature lung function. I can totally do this bed rest bit for another two weeks: that's peanuts in the big scheme of things. I will say though, I'm having a hard time staying still. I am so used to keeping up with Abby, doing something around the house, and filling my days with busywork. But I am repeating to myself that every day I keep these babies in is a day I'm keeping them out of the NICU down South.
These days are dragging on slowly. It feels like those first few weeks of pregnancy when every day counted towards a successful pregnancy, and every week passed was a milestone. Now I have the comfort and confidence of knowing that things are likely fine with the babies' health and it's just a matter of time until I can meet them. The weeks are not zooming by on my calendar like they were in the middle of the pregnancy.
I also am reminded by everyone around me that this is the calm before the storm. A respite from chaos before my house is turned upside down by the appearance of two newborns. I am trying to enjoy this quiet and rest before such freedom and peace is a dream!
I am still making time for Abby with morning cuddles during a short movie, sharing breakfast and lying on the couch while she plays around me. Thankfully Rich is home from work to help with Abby and house chores while I am on bed rest. I am so lucky for that!


  1. I'm so thankful that you have Rich home now to help you out. You cannot do it all and you need your rest.
    We'll try to keep you occupied with lots of visits over these next few weeks. xoxo


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