Friday, January 13, 2012

Yoga a trois

Doing yoga throughout this pregnancy has bestowed all kinds of blessings on my life. It has helped my body withstand the rigors of a twin pregnancy. It has centered me and slowed me down when my focus has been all over the map. It has reminded me to breathe deep and trust my body when I wanted to give in to fear. It has made me feel confident in myself again. It has helped me bond with my babies. It has helped me prepare for labour and recovery.
I have stuck with it when I wasn't sure if the pregnancy would even turn out, and continued practicing when I was too tired to do much but breathe. I am so glad that it has become a part of my routine. I don't let more than a couple days go by before I hit my mat after Abby's gone to sleep. I am reminded by my bones and joints to get myself in a downward facing dog, when I especially need to strengthen my body.
In keeping with this pregnancy's overall theme of simplicity and priorities, I have been very happy to have put such a focus on yoga, and keeping my body strong. On days when I practice, and have put away a meal in my freezer, I feel most prepared for the twins' arrival.
Tonight after I heard the noises in Abby's room quiet down, I rolled out my mat and began breathing deep, in spite of the wiggly babies positioned in my ribs. I just smiled. Yoga for three.


  1. I'm so glad you have kept up with your yoga Sarah! I'm wondering if I can snap a photo or two of you doing some yoga. It could be a really cool pic.
    What do you think?

    1. Johanna I would LOVE that! I've been meaning to ask Rich to on a day where I'm not wearing anything too fugly. But you're way better than he is!


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