Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today's post is purely selfish, and is intended as a snapshot of Abby on the cusp of turning three. My mom reminded me yesterday that I should write the little things down, so I don't forget them. The things she says entertain me highly, and her daddy and grandparents too, because she's just the funniest little lady we ever did see. So for posterity and my future self, this is what Abby is like at 35 months:
- Abby is very gracious and thanks me frequently. I'll never let it be said that the unglamorous aspects of motherhood (wiping snotty noses, cleaning potty spills, making her breakfast before mine) go unnoticed, even at the time. She'll often say, "Way to go, Mama! Thank you for wiping my bum!"
- She overheard Rich curse under his breath the other day when he vacuumed up something he didn't mean to. Now, when exasperated or annoyed, Abby sighs, "For fox sakes!"
- She thinks her last name is Diamond
- She often asks to stay outside climbing snowbanks when I'm ready to go in.
- She loves to take special baths with me, wherein we run the water deep, drop in a Lush bath bomb, and she slithers all over my bulbous belly.
- She gets very offended when another kid hits or pushes her, you'd think she was a sensitive kid. But she gives it, too!
- She loves to play hockey with her Daddy while they watch a game. They use her mini sticks to pass the puck back and forth, and she already has a preferred side to shoot from (right)
- Her favourite things to make the dolls in her dollhouse (or, castle) do are take a bath, go on the toilet, and go to bed.
I am so excited to celebrate her third birthday with her at the end of the month. In the meantime, I am loving every day we get to spend one on one, knowing the chances to do that will get slim as time goes on and twins arrive!


  1. Oh I love this little snapshot of where Abby is at..I've been meaning to do the same for Noah and you have inspired me to.
    For fox sakes and that her last name is Diamond. LOVE it all. Abby really is a peach! Can't wait to celebrate her 3rd birthday!

  2. Fox sakes is awesome! I love that.

    How did she come to decide on such a snazzy last name?

  3. She sounds like a perfect little girl. So, so sweet. Isn't being a mom the best thing ever? My baby turned 12 this week and I can't think about it for more than 10 seconds or I start to cry... : ( Wishing you a beautiful day. Love, Becky


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