Thursday, January 5, 2012


The last few days I haven't left a 2-km perimeter from my house. It's been a nice hibernation, actually. I take Skylar into the woods for a walk once a day if I'm feeling up to it, and Abby and I go outside to play in the snowbanks, but we've been staying home. We've now gone the entire new year without spending any money (I like seeing how long I can go having no-spend days), eating homemade meals from my meal plan, and finding fun around the house with stickers, blocks, paints, markers and the new dollhouse. It's been supremely satisfying to feel so self-sufficient, and builds my confidence to see that stuff, money and resources do not a fun mama make.
Abby has been "helping" me make some baking treats and meals to put in the deep freeze every day. I am hoping that after two months our freezer will be full and ready to feed us after the babies arrive. This is my daily goal for the next little while. (Tomorrow I plan to prepare and freeze a quiche lorraine). I feel like I have the necessary baby supplies ready for the twins' arrival, but I have so much more to do to prepare our house, my growing body, our deep freezer, and my soul first.
I have a big pile of books at the ready, so I can force myself to sit, elevate my legs, and rest a little every day, taking in a quiet moment before I enter a phase of life in which such moments may come few and far between.
I have a honey-do list for ever-supportive Rich to work on reducing: tasks that involve physical things I can't handle anymore, and man-jobs that I never like doing to begin with (like cleaning the area around Goober's litter box, blech!)
I ave been wanting to stay home, close to my centre, where there is enough food to satiate my unending appetite. I like being home, getting myself ready for the days when this will be my true sole dwelling, when leaving the house with twin babies is daunting and difficult.
Today, Abby, Rich and I all went outside to shovel the driveway (although some people chose to slide down the snowbanks and dump snow into the driveway seconds after that part of the driveway was shovelled). It was nice to throw snowballs at Skylar, toss Abby deep into the snow, and laugh at my spaced-out footprints in the snow that mark my true waddle walking pattern. My little family of three.
We have plans to break our hibernation streak tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to leaving the house with Abby for a change of scenery, to let her run and play with other toddler toots. I'll bring some hot chocolate in a thermos (and snacks, of course!), and be glad to see adult friends too. All the while, I'll be glad to know my comforting haven awaits, ready to wrap me up for another afternoon nap.

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