Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nursery Art

Before Abby was born, there was about a week-long cold spell in the Yukon. It was -45 for days on end. I was cooped up, nesting, and getting ready for what was to come. So, for a few days, I painted Abby a picture for her nursery called, "Play Like a Windy Day." It felt good to create something just for her. It felt wonderful when she was old enough to see it in her room and remark on it happily. It sits now above her reading chair across from where she lays her head down on her pillow at night. It's very special to us, and I'm so glad I took the time to do that for her.
I knew when I became (and stayed) pregnant this time that I wanted to give the same gift to these girls. I had looked on Etsy for nursery room decor and after being turned off by prices, decided quickly that the best art for their room would be homemade and custom. Their nursery has a hand-painted orange bookshelf, a water colour painting of angels by my grandmother, and little touches here and there that I have carefully chosen for their room.
Today I finished painting Baby B's picture, after starting from scratch after not liking my first attempt very much. Both girls now have paintings ready to be hung; paintings I did while leaning over my big belly, thinking of them, dreaming of who they would grow to be.
Baby A's painting is of the sunbeams hitting a simple forest. I call it, "Rays," and I hope she will love knowing it was made just for her.
Baby B's painting is of a bird on the branch of a tree that is just beginning to bud and leaf.I call it, "Spring time," and was inspired by the name we have chosen for her (which is a surprise until she's born) and by her being due on the Spring Equinox. It's pretty and I hope she will like what she inspired me to paint her while she was in utero.
I have also ordered some custom button-monogrammed art for the nursery, from a friend in B.C. who knows the private joy and nervousness of expecting new life after loss. It makes me so happy to imagine her placing each button on the paper, creating something beautiful for each of these babies. When they arrive I will be sure to post some pictures!
We are in the middle of another Yukon winter cold snap, on day six of temperatures below -35. I am getting a little cabin-fevered and I am definitely in nesting mode as I wash teensy newborn clothes, stack receiving blankets, fill dresser drawers and outgrow more and more of my maternity shirts.

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  1. Sarah, these are such thoughtful and beautiful paintings, something that your 3 girls will always cherish and love. I can tell that so much thought and love went into the making of these paintings...these paintings are the ultimate gift. xox


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