Sunday, January 29, 2012

It Won't be Like This for Long

This is very much how I'm feeling tonight.
I have been the one, all along, who never really got the "it's all happening so fast" part of parenting. I practically wanted to throw gripe water at anyone who advised me to treasure the newborn days, because they grow so fast. I counted on them going fast- Abby was a colicky mess who nursed every hour and a half. She of course grew out of it, and became a plump baby girl who even learned to sleep predictably and for long stretches. I enjoyed each stage from then on, but never felt that sadness over the passage of time.
Each stage of her life seemed to get better and better. She learned to sit up, she cooed, she smiled, she interacted, the ate solid food, she bum-scooted instead of crawling. Then she turned one and she walked, sang, started talking, stared running, had tantrums, laughed, and could begin participating in activities around the house. Abby turned two and enjoyed swimming, dance classes, playing out doors no matter the weather, painting, colouring, reading books, playing with friends, talking on Skype with faraway family, eating lots, wearing big girl undies, singing and creating.
Tonight is her last night being two years old. This year, she knows what a birthday is and that tomorrow belongs to her. She knows she will be three years old, open presents, eat cake, pick out flowers at the store, eat pizza and be sung to. When I closed her bedroom door tonight after tucking her in she said, "See you tomorrow when I'm three years old!"
It hit me, right in the pregnancy-induced hormones: My little girl is growing up. She's going to keep having birthdays, and keep developing her fascinating mind. She's going to be a big sister, a leader, an independent girl who plays with her friends and tells her mommy to stop singing. She's going to grow into her over-sized toddler head, lose her last bit of baby chub, and grow up.
And now I am a little sad. I know I have made the most of my moments with her thus far. I have stopped to appreciate her, love every bit of her, and be grateful that it was she who made me a mother. But she will never be two again. She will grow to do many more wonderful things and I will love her at three, four and five. Tonight, I will ice and decorate her cake, and check on her in the land of nod, my last night having a two-year-old Abby.

Tonight she helped me make her cake. And what a wonderful sous chef she is.


  1. Aw! I cannot believe she is three already. Doesn't feel that long ago that I met you while she was still just in your tummy!

    And I bet you cannot even reach your counter if you face it straight on eh? Gotta turn sideways! heheh

  2. Oh Sarah! You are such a wonderful mama and Abby is such a bright, funny and sweet little girl. Happy birthday sweet Abby! We all love you very much!


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