Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Special Day

Lately, whenever I want to persuade Abby that something is worth being rewarded with, I add "special" as a descriptor.
"Abby, if you clean up all your toys, you can have a special bath with me." She agrees, magic! Then we had a Lush bath bomb bath together.
"Abby, if you show me good listening, we can wear our special Christmas dresses on Saturday." This one actually worked for a couple days this week, so today, we had a special day.
We put on our Christmas dresses and twirled around the house this morning to Christmas music. Then we packed ourselves in the car and drove to a new toy store to see Santa!
She told me she would wave to him and wish him Merry Christmas. All the way there, I stole peeks in the rear view mirror of my little cherubs face and she was beside herself with excitement. She just kept repeating, "Going to see SANTA!"
When the big moment came she walked up to him slowly and said hi and Merry Christmas. She didn't cry when I put her on his lap, but she covered her eyes and acted all shy. He was very patient and kind, of course, and we got a few pictures. He gave her a magic bell and a candy cane, and she was very polite, thanking him and wishing him Merry Christmas again.
She was so proud of herself all the way home, and thrilled to have met Santa.
Our friends came for lunch of hot dog octopuses (octopi?) on macaroni and cheese, which gave us a chance to be home and settled for a bit. It was a busy lunch, but a good catch-up.
Then it was off to the Yukon Arts Centre for a matinee performance of The Nutcracker. Abby was very excited to see "special Christmas dancing." It took a bit of convincing on my part to get her seated and waiting for the lights to dim and curtain to rise, but once the show started, she was in awe.
I totally cried happy tears watching her fall enraptured with the tutu-ed dancers on stage, dancing ballet. She kept turning to look at me, to share a look of wonder. She danced in the aisle; she couldn't help herself. She lasted the entire performace, and when it was over she joined some friends in the lobby to arabesque, battement and saute across the foyer.
We are tired this evening. It was a long day, but we made so many memories. I am definitely starting to feel the Christmas magic.

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