Friday, December 23, 2011

Rock that body

Can I just say how much I love my body right now? It is rocking. Just flat-out smack you upside the head amazing.
I want to wear a bikini everywhere and raise my hands in devil-horns to proclaim my rock-goddess love for pregnancy.
I love when people ask to touch the belly, love transferring some of that energy for a moment.
Love lying in bed, drifting off to sleep while the twins kick and claw their way around their uterine real estate.
I am 27 weeks, up 35 pounds, and my hair and nails are growing so strong these days!
I love that I am getting to know and worship my body so well.*
I started noticing that I was feeling tired, so I upped my iron dose and feel a whole lot better.
I woke up in the morning with extra-stretched out skin after a night of baby-growing, so I made a gigantor breakfast and feel better. Nourished.
My pelvis started feeling like I'd been kicked in the crotch repeatedly with a pair of steel-toed boots, so I do some pelvic floor strengthening exercises, walk outside a little more, and feel stronger.
I take notice that I haven't felt Baby A move much today, so I chugged a glass of purple juice, lay back, and felt baby kicks all over my abdomen.
I had insane-o heartburn tonight so I popped a Zantac, ate a bowl of peanut butter ice cream and felt much less heated in my sternum.
I am loving the call and response relationship I've been having with the blossoming body of mine.
It is comically huge and fast-growing, but I embrace it still as my own.
I have been working away at the nursery and embracing the idea that two babies are joining our family. I spend a lot of time wondering about who they'll be, what they'll like, how different they will become.
I'm not ready for them, and Google tells me they are definitely not ready for the world yet, so I happily incubate away. Rock on, body incubator.

*I do not worship the reflection I get in the mirror when I turn around and look at only my backside, but looking at one's rear wile pregnant is a cardinal sin and I will never commit it!


  1. you are so ready, you were born ready

  2. you rock that belly like no other my dear! xox

  3. I think it was you (or perhaps another pregnant blogger) who mentioned earlier how it's nice to, for once, not worry about one's body shape,etc. It's true! I look in the mirror, and even though I'm thicker but don't have that pregnancy look yet (I'm only 15 weeks), I don't mind it for once. I know there's a little peanut growing in there and am happy. I feel good!

  4. You have an adorable baby belly! I HATED being pregnant. lol. I know that sounds wrong, but I am 5'1 and gained 50lbs with each of my boys. Feeling them kick was amazing,and so was knowing that I was growing a little life inside me. But not being able to get out of bed without my hubbys help- ya, not super fun! :) Glad I found your blog!


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