Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keeping it Minimal

The very nature of being pregnant is to prepare. I have been preparing my body with lots of yoga, lots of food to store for later, lots of water to keep my systems operating smoothly. I have been preparing Abby with visits to other newborns, talks about babies, and involving her in setting up the babies' room. I have been preparing for the birth with my doctors and doula. I have been preparing for the life changes of the first few weeks with freezer meals, and for visits from family.
One thing I have been trying not do is accumulate stuff. When I was preparing for Abby's arrival, the fear of the unknown saw me soothing my discomfort with online shopping. I bought a baby wipe warmer for crying out loud. I bought all kinds of soothers, chairs, toys, clothes and nursery decorations. I had way too much and none of it mattered much as I struggled my way through colic, confusion and finding my footing as a mother.
This time, I am forced by limited space and little extra spending money to really think about what we need, and separate that from what are just wants. You know, even if I wasn't forced to, I would keep things minimal. A (nearly) three-year-old girl in my house has shown me how very little she needs in the way of stuff to thrive.Plus, keeping things minimal is just easier.
We have been given a second infant car seat from friends for the first 7 or so months, which is a great help. We know it has not yet expired or been in a crash. We will need two new car seats for the twins when they grow out of the bucket seats, but that gives us time to save up.
We are not buying any clothes, as Abby's hand-me-down wardrobe is more than enough for two little girls, thanks to enthusiastic grandparents and generous friends.
We are not buying a second crib. These two will share Abby's old one until they can roll, then we will use a second-hand one from a friend. It won't match and this nursery will certainly not be featured in a magazine, but I know they'll appreciate decor efforts more when they're older. If I give myself time to get to know them, their tastes and needs, I can slowly and purposefully gather decorations for their room over the early years.
We have a set of cloth diapers from Abby, small and large. We will cloth diaper these babies too, but we will need more diapers. I have bought a few second-hand and plan on completing a second set with second-hand ones as well. Cloth diapering works for us, is a huge cost savings, and greatly reduces our garbage (and we're limited by how much we can put at the curb every two weeks in Whitehorse).
I plan on nursing, and using bottles to supplement. It is very easy to get carried away with nursing and bottle feeding accessories. From experience, I know a good pillow and chair help, whether they are purposed for nursing or not! I will get a few glass bottles second-hand, and my mom has bought us a great twin nursing pillow. I have a ton of milk storage bags left from Abby, so that covers that!
As for the other stuff (the play mats, bouncy chairs, exersaucers), we're keeping (most) of what we had given to us for Abby, but we're certainly not doubling up. Too quickly does plastic, colourful stuff take over our otherwise basic, comfy home. Besides, not many toys and gadgets can compete with the comfort of a dry bum, warm outfit and being held in somebody's arms. I don't doubt that a tornado of a toddler running around will be invaluable entertainment for these babes.
I know that babies like to be born with the purpose of taking my plans and turning them around, while laughing cute baby giggles. Things rarely go "as planned." But if I spend these weeks preparing for life changes, anticipating out food needs, and knowing I have the very basics for the first weeks and months, I am leaving myself lots of time to really enjoy this pregnancy and reflect on what it means.

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