Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eleven years in

New Years Eve can bring a crazy cool energy with it, one of restarting, revolutionizing, reprioritizing and seizing the moment. I love that energy. I have ca[italized on it pretty well, having had some pretty great new years celebrations. Nothing, however, tops the one in which I met Rich at a high school house party.
This party was the celebration to end all house parties. There was exclusivity, kegs, drama, lineups to the bathroom, people all over the house singing the chorus to Nelly's "Must Be the Money", makeouts, cops, and property damage.
I lied to my parents to attend, some of our friends bailed, and in the end I went with my best friend and found a guy that, at the time, would be good enough for a new years eve makeout. He was cute, I was young, and I was thoroughly satisfied with the amazing night.
Then he called the next day. And he called again. We went on dates, I kept lying to my parents, we had fights and made up, we had firsts and adventures and things just kept going. Eleven years later, here I sit in our home we bought together, in the Yukon on an adventure, pregnant with our twin girls, and I have no big plans for tonight.
We won't be going to a party, I don't think anyone's coming over, I have no idea what we'll eat for dinner, and I won't be wearing eyelash extensions or a fancy dress.
I don't feel the new years eve energy to resolve any grand behaviour changes. I will probably not have a night for the record books. I have a bottle of sparkling apple juice in the fridge, because tonight, however small, I will celebrate.
We have come a long way and have so much further to go. Tonight marks 11 years together and we'll take time to mark the occasion. But we won't need noise makers or hats or real champagne. I am so, so happy to celebrate the new year's arrival in the crook of his arm, sitting together on the couch.
Rich, I dedicate this song to you today and wish everyone else a happy new year. Love.

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  1. Happy 11 years and see you two love birds in 2012!!



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