Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crying all the time!

I've been feeling very emotional lately. Blame the double dose of hormones, the extra juice that comes with Christmas, and all 5000 km between myself and home. It's made me weepy, sentimental and appreciative of all I have. It's been a balancing act; as soon as I catch myself moping about being far from home, alone for Christmas, I remember how lucky I am to in fact have two people in me and two more people living in my house with me, which is really pretty awesome. Or when I pout about how people at work did not step up to help a coworker in need, I am glad that I could help out and that I do have family, food, comfort and health.
Sometimes, a good cry is all I need to reset the wires and get on with my day.
Today the things that make me so happy I could (and do!) cry are:
- Abby's slimming face, proving that she's getting older
- A friend's baby's perfect little newborn features and soft coos
- A hug from behind and a belly rub from my number one
- Light Moroccan hair oil
- A fruit and snack basket from a caring neighbour
- Forced hibernation during a crazy blizzard
- New Aroma Borealis home-made face and hand creams
- Wrapped gifts i boxes, ready to be thrown across the country to my family
- The recliner, man I love this chair

1 comment:

  1. I love that hair oil too! :)

    Pregnancy hormones are crazy. I would cry at every Tim Hortons commercial! hehehe


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