Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas wrap-up

We had a wonderful, quaint holiday north of 60. I'm a little sad it's over, but happy to have seen Abby's joy, eaten good food, and been surrounded by our northern family. I must say, am I ever thankful for Skype this year. I was heartbroken to have been so far from my family, and this was the second-best way to see their faces and smiles from my living room.
Rich had to work, and though his absence was felt, I was glad to share the day with our friends and my special little Christmas sprite. She loved the doll house Santa brought her (even if she didn't quite latch on to the idea of Santa), and was very gracious in thanking someone every time she opened a gift. I was really glad my surprise gift to Rich ended up truly being a surprise. I'm the worst liar, and even more terrible at keeping my excitement about anything at bay. In a couple of weeks, he'll fly to visit his brother in Alberta and see an NHL hockey game, all because I thought he deserved a treat, and could afford to do it with points. Truly, it made me so happy to make him so happy.
I loved everyone's reactions to our homemade gifts as well.
Abby made some art for her grandparents:
I made some homemade hot chocolate mix in mason jars for our friends, near and far. I made homemade wrapping paper with stamps on paper bags and wrapped the jars in bubble wrap from the bookstore to ensure no jars broke en route! The mix was easy and delicious: cocoa, dried milk powder, icing sugar and cinnamon mixed well.
I also made some body scrub for the ladies in my life. I mixed baby oil with Epsom slats and lavender oil, put it in a mason jar and wrapped it up tight. I tried some out to make sure I didn't scent it too strong and I must toot my own horn and say they turned out great! I only regret I didn't take any pictures before I packaged them up and sent them away!
My homemade gifts alleviated a lot of my holiday money stress, especially with our minivan purchase looming and the extra costs of groceries with this pregnancy and cooking freezer meals over the next few weeks. It may seem trivial, but I know I'm not alone in worrying about money this time of year, so it was nice to find homemade gifts that were appreciated. It was also a very gratifying feeling for me to not use purchases as a crutch to enjoy the holiday and fill the void left by not being with family.
My favourite part of the holiday was coming together with friends to eat food. I prepared some dishes to bring, but it was a really nice break not to have to prepare an entire feast! And feast I did. We had lovely Christmas Eve, Christmas morning and Christmas afternoon meals...and that made me feel truly blessed.
Now, off to bed for me, as we have another ultrasound in the morning. I can't wait to peek at the babes again! Last night, I was able to grab a little knee or foot, and that felt so cool!


  1. I feel so blessed that we got to spend one more Christmas with you (although we did miss Rich while he was at work). It made Christmas feel complete to have you over and to share a meal, even if the stuffing didn;t make it's way out of the bird!
    I hate to think that we won't have you here next Christmas...sorry I just had to say it. It just means that we will have to make the most out of our time that is left together.
    And I can't tell you how excited I am for these babies to come into the world!!!! So so so excited!!!!

  2. What an amazing surprise for Rich!!! And homemade Christmas gifts are just the best.


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