Monday, November 21, 2011

Yukon Made

After a week's worth of fluffy snowfall we fell quickly into our first cold snap. It's been -35 and colder the last few days, keeping most of us indoors. Admittedly, Abby and I have become a little squirrely with the cabin fever. So, the other day we warmed up the car, put on our long johns. and headed out to the Yukon's biggest craft fair, Spruce Bog.
Abby wore her princess dress, much to the delight of many of the senior citizens in attendance. One was so taken by her dancing and dress that he gave her a bird ornament he had hand carved. And thus begin Abby's lessons in how to get ahead in the world based on cute curls and a smile.
I went knowing I wouldn't have much time, given Abby's attention span and the difficulty of bringing her to a craft show where she could look, but not touch. How difficult for a tactile toddler! So I bought the Christmas gifts I set out to get, remembering which crafters were there from last year. I did buy a few things for myself, and though not very exciting, they're practical. New hand -knitted dish cloths. Be gone, stinky baby face cloths!I'm not one for buying lavish or extravagant things for newborns, but I did get the girls (my baby girls!) fur headbands from my fir crafting Faro friend Kara. I am very excited to take pictures of them when they are a few days old, and squish them all together Anne Geddes-style. And can you imagine how northern and cute they'll be in these?
It's still cold out there, and we're still largely hibernating indoors while the thermometer dips lower, but I'm glad to have got some Christmas shopping and some Christmas crafting out of the way. (No pictures of that or hints, you might be getting one!)

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  1. Abby was so adorable in that dress and her curls!

    And I am counting down until I can see those girls in their little fur headbands. It is going to be adorable! Thanks for support my little business!!


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