Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sugar and Spice

Thank goodness for little girls. We are preparing ourselves for a house full of sugar, spice and everything nice after learning Friday that I am cooking two little ladies!
As soon as the imaging tech put the goopy stuff and the wand over my belly, I saw a flurry of arms, legs and giant round head orbs squiggling around. It looked as though someone had shaken up a bag of body parts and then dropped them all in a pile. Or, conversely, like a crazy orgy going on in me. Seeing my twins at 20 weeks was amazing, almost surreal. We stared at them as the tech measures femurs, heads, hearts, fascinated by the miracle of beating hearts and growing bodies in there. After over an hour of ear-to-ear smiles, wonder, and captivation, we finally learned it was two girls in there, much to my surprise!
We are both so excited. We know a little of what to expect with girls, and I am so curious to see how different each of my daughters grows to be. It is starting to settle in what kind of a life I have in front of me: daughters, three of them, growing up together under our parenting and guidance. How overwhelming and at the same time, how wonderful!
I just keep staring at these pictures, rubbing my belly, and sighing deep with a smile, thinking of the little girls that will be joining our family.
What was equally as joyful was seeing how healthy they were. Both measuring the same (meaning one isn't taking food from the other), both with strong heartbeats (146 and 150bpm), both hearts looking great, hands opening and closing, bodies bending and straightening, and seeing them interact with each other was so relieving. For the first time, I feel very confidant this is real and is happening.
20 weeks and so so happy about it!
Oh, I am blessed!


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