Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Smattering of updates

I've been quiet on here this week, but less so around my house. I've had energy this week, which was a real treat, so while I tried going overboard, I've enjoyed getting out and about with Abby. We've been swimming, dancing, shopping, Christmas crafting, baking and visiting friends. I know this tends to be a busier time of year for most families, but I enjoy the slowing down of the dark, cold months. I anticipate this will become our reality soon enough, so I'll take what energy I have and put it back into my home and family, who provide me much comfort and support during this more-challenging-then-normal pregnancy.
I have been doing some introspective writing and planning. I have been organizing Christmas lists of gifts to make, package and send. I have been writing and addressing friends, starting a written conversation from miles away. I have been waiting for babies to make their arrivals, and starting to plan for the reality of our own babies arriving in the world. I feel increasingly as though they could come really soon, or maybe in a long time. The uncertainty is exciting.
I met with our doula this week and that got me really happy and excited for the day we get to meet our babies, and a lot of peace about the preparations to get there. I definitely feel as though I have a lot to look forward to, and a lot of goodness to keep me serene and satisfied in this moment.
This morning, Abby was up super early, so we're watching Barbie Swan Lake in our jammies and taking it easy on a lazy Sunday, on a cold Yukon morning.

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