Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween: The year my kid got eaten alive

Unfortunately, this year on Halloween, an angry pumpkin ate my daughter. Perhaps it was because she so gleefully emptied out its innards the day before yelling, "pumpkin brains!" Or maybe it was because she tossed its seeds with salt, baked them and them ate them all up yelling, "pumpkin beans!" Thankfully, I received a replacement child for the evening, only she came with some peculiar appendages. Like a dorsal fin.
She was not a dolphin, as the label indicated. She was a ferocious shark who made sure to correct every delightful door-opener who cried out, "Ooh! A penguin!" and "Ooh! A dolphin!"
She accompanied me for an hour of trick-or-treating and after about two houses got the hang of things: Say trick or treat, rudely grab candy from stranger's hand, shove it in bag, say thank you and heave ho to the next house.
This kid looked so small next to the big kids in pirate hooker costumes (worn over snowsuits, because this is the North), and her voice was so soft among a crowd of eager candy-eaters. It made me feel like maybe she's not growing up too fast after all, this makeshift replacement daughter for the evening.
This morning, all was right, and the pumpkin spit out my little girl. He had returned her to bed where I found her this morning, looking out her window to spy on our backyard neighbours and whatever program they were watching on TV.
I have been fulfilling my duty of treat quality control, making sure no potential choking hazards in the way of candy make their way into Abby's mouth. It's a rigorous, demanding job, but I'm making great headway today.

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  1. Thank you for the compliments on my blog, sweets! Abby's costume is *adorable*! And I love the pumpkin!


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