Friday, October 14, 2011

Winter's Here

It's winter again. For sure this time. I hauled out all of our parkas, mitts and boots and put away our sandals and rain jackets. The fuel truck came by and filled up our oil tank, I shovelled the driveway, and came on from outside to warm up with a hot chocolate. I'm usually let down when winter arrives, because it's like accepting a punishment you don't want. Winter can be a really, really long lecture up here, and I don't always want to sit through it.
This year, I'm not bummed. Abby friggin loves winter. Every morning I hear her peek out her window and yell "snow!" She gets so excited to see snow all over Whitehorse when we drive around on errands. She stays outside for a good half an hour after I've come in for hot chocolate and promised her some. She just loves rolling around in the snow with Skylar and her toys.
It's an uninhibited, pure joy, her love of snow. She has an absolute ball playing outside, and I love it more too. I love throwing snow at each other, making snowmen, throwing snowballs at Skylar, falling down, crawling around, for as long as my energy keeps up.
If this is what I have to look forward to for winter, count me in.
I also have a major reward towards the end of winter, with the babies being due the first official day of spring. I can hibernate and grow until then, counting down until the day we can meet them.

Until then, I can keep enjoying the perks of winter with my little snow fairy.

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