Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Ya Berfday!

Today was my birthday and it was spent in such a way that ringing in 26 was enjoyable and exciting. I had a day doing whatever I wanted with my little family and our northern friends, and I go to sleep tonight feeling very blessed.
I woke up to a quiet, dark house, first out the gate. This is how I like it, and sleeping in is nearly impossible with my insatiable appetite. I started making some waffles and slowly everyone else woke up and joined me. I took some excited phone calls from faraway family and friends, opened up kind emails, cards and messages from friends, and started my day feeling like I'd won a popularity contest. What nice friends I have, and I feel like I have so many nice ones! More than I feel I ought to get.
Later in the morning, my little family went to the local history museum, where Abby capital L LOVES to look at all the taxidermy animals of the north. Caribou, moose, bison, eagles, owls, bears, she knows how to name them all and loves them so.
Then we went to Starbucks for my free birthday drink and celebratory cake pops, and we cuddled at our table, our family of three. I love going to cafes, chain or otherwise, with my family. A well-enjoyed drink and snack on an unrushed day is the epitome of happiness to me.

I went out again on my own in the afternoon and reveled in a Sarah Harmer live program on CBC radio in the car. I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket so I went to a store at which I already have a discount and bought myself a beautiful pair of locally-made beaver moccasins. I have really wanted a pair for awhile, but it wasn't a need, and that's how we budget! But I always ensure that birthday money for Abby, Rich or myself is rightfully spent on gifts--things we wouldn't ordinarily get for ourselves. I am so happy with these!
Later in the day, I Skyped with my parents and happily opened some Laura Secord chocolates from my brother (you can't get them up here!), some comfy wool socks, Roots sweatpants (the epitome of comfort), Lush bath bombs, gift money for a new shop vac (I am super excited about that one!), a movie, candies, and nice cards.
For dinner, we went to Pizza Hut with friends and our young kids. It was a little chaotic, and hopefully comical to anyone sitting near us (and not irritating!) but I loved the energy of kids, the treat of good food, and great company. Unfortunately, two of my close girlfriends couldn't come because of bed rest and baby delivery recovery, so I visited them later with cake. I had to ensure my day was shared with everyone about whom I care a great deal!
I came home to a Lush bath, started my new birthday book, and am now going to ease into a satisfied sleep to the soft rhythm of kicking babies.
Oh!--I also treated myself to a lovely new necklace from etsy. You like? I love!


  1. Yay, sounds like you had a top-notch day! That's the best birthday line-up ever! Especially the slippers...and the bits about pizza hut, yum.

  2. Happy birthday! I love your moccasins, they're gorgeous!

  3. Sounds like a perfect birthday! I love the slippers and necklace!!


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